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Unmasking the Myth of Compostable "Green" Plastic

Let's face it, the world of cosmetics is drowning in a sea of plastic. But lately, a new trend has emerged, one promising a life raft made of recycled dreams and sunshine: "green plastic" or "bio plastic"  

The truth is, most "green plastics" aren't exactly the champions of the environment they claim to be. Sure, some might be partially plant-based, but that doesn't mean they magically decompose into flower beds after you toss them. First of all, bio-based plastics are not, by definition, more sustainable than fossil-derived plastics. Although in some cases bioplastics yield a considerable reduction in global warming potential through the use of renewable resources, these benefits are often counterbalanced by side effects of feedstock farming, such as increased water, fertilizer and pesticide use. Secondly, landfills are overflowing with these "eco-warriors," taking centuries to break down. It's like putting a kale smoothie in a plastic cup – still plastic, still bad news for the planet.

There's another layer to this greenwashing onion. Many "green plastics" can't be recycled with regular plastics, causing a recycling Rubik's Cube that would leave even the most eco-conscious consumer scratching their head. Contaminated batches end up in landfills or, even worse, our oceans. So much for "saving the planet," right? And with an annual recycling rate of only 5-6 percent in the US, this is negligible.

Here at INBAR+co., we believe in a more, well rounded approach. We ditch the plastic altogether, opting for tubes made of 100% recyclable aluminum. This might not shout "green" from the rooftops, but they're the real deal.

The takeaway? Demand genuine sustainability, not just a greener shade of plastic. Let's beautify not just our faces, but our planet. Because a world choked by plastic isn't exactly a pretty picture. Help us break the plastic cycle! Share this information and fight greenwashing together!


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