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We pledge to always be looking far ahead - To be part of the solutions for the future

we are INBAR+cosustainable packagingage positivitysustainable ingredients

Our ZERO-WASTE commitment to sustainability are applied throughout the supply chain in every aspect of our operations.

We have already taken many steps to reduce our impact on the planet and ultimately eliminate our carbon footprint

We partner with supply chain, production, operations and logistics partners who share our values.

By the end of 2025, INBAR+co aspires to be the first truly climate neutral wellness brand. Not just by paying for carbon-offset and waste-removal credits, but by PRO-ACTIVE CARBON REDUCTIONS in all facets of our operations.

As our company grows and more ecologically conscious options in packaging and ingredients become available, we pledge to make choices that continue to reduce our overall environmental impact. Until such time, we will not be selling products that require pumps and spray nozzles, currently available only in plastic.


We usually associate carbon footprint with shipping and travel. But did you know that by merely sitting at home with your laptop you are already responsible for substantial carbon emissions?

Web hosting and e-commerce platforms are energy intensive. It has been calculated that powering the average website produces 4,500 pounds of CO2 a year, equivalent to driving the average new car for more than 10,000 miles.

We have choosen online partners that share our philosophy.


  • in 2019, began sourcing renewable power for heating, cooling, and powering their buildings and employee home offices. For travel-related emissions, they purchase verified carbon offsets.
  • In 2018, they decommissioned all of their data servers and shifted entirely to Google Cloud. Google matches 100% of the energy consumed by Google Cloud with renewable energy, enabling SHOPIFY to run a COMPLETLY CARBON NEUTRAL PLATFORM

  • Shopify is the first Canadian-founded company to sign a power purchase agreement (PPA) to power 100% of employee home offices across North America with wind energy.The deal enables the development of a brand new wind farm in a province that has one of the most carbon-intensive energy grids in North America.


  • 1&1 web hosting service has a carbon footprint reduction as a core tenet of their business platform. IONOS has been purchasing renewable electricity for many years, utilizing 99.5% renewable electricity in total across all operations data centres & offices.
  • IONOS has recycled and refurbished over 510 tonnes of servers and IT equipment since 2018.



a California certified GREEN business, collects food waste from residents, local restaurants and business to make organic compost for certified organic farms in Marin.

Their commitment to resource conservation goes beyond sorting and recycling materials.

The facility uses solar power and the trucks run on renewable diesel from non-fossil sources as they continue to research zero emission fleet options.

These efforts, along with the emissions which are avoided through their recycling programs result in their direct emissions being fully offset 18 times.

This 3rd party verified figure means that they are well BEYOND NET-ZERO!


We operate on the MCE Deep Green100% renewable energy service.

This energy source cost us approx. 3% more than the fossil-fuel alternative.

We have COMPLETELY eliminated our electricity-based carbon footprint.

Half of the premium we pay for Deep Green is invested in MCE’s Local Renewable Energy & Program Development Fund, helping to support the funding and installation of electric vehicle charging ports and building of renewable projects like MCE Solar One, a 10.5 MW solar array on a remediated brownfield site in Richmond, California.

Confronting the climate crisis by putting more clean energy onto the grid to replace fossil fuels.

We have the power to change the amount of renewable energy that is on the grid.

And all our own e-vehicles are charged with this 50% wind and 50% solar energy sourced LOCALLY

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