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we are INBAR+co

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Developed in our lab, refined and tested by tens of thousands of our clients in our holistic day spa in Marin County, California. After five years this iterative process has resulted in highly effective formulations that respond to the needs of our spa clientele and now, YOU.

Your skin, your age, your gender, our planet do not need to be fixed, but taken care of.

We can’t make claims that we will reverse ageing or that we have discovered the fountain of youth.

We CAN support the skin's ability to age gracefully and look its best. Celebrating your beauty because of age, not in spite of it, because beauty is a belief, a state of mind and the most beautiful people we know glow from the inside out.

Formulated using minimal water and without the use of ecologically scarce ingredients with an extensive lineup of green cosmeceuticals and actives and classically crafted aromatherapy scents.

Our products are packaged in 100% plastic-free + 100% infinitely recyclable materials and are full of sensory experiences. From the satisfying squeeze of our aluminium tubes and the heft of our aluminum caps to the inside-stories hidden in our FSC-certified paper boxes.

We create our products with dedication to the whole person. We address the cause as opposed to just the symptom; the purpose of all our therapies is to support the body’s intelligent ability to adapt to environmental stress.

Growing up on three continents and in as many different cultures, traditions were important. Three generations of mothers before me had collected a plethora of go-to remedies; treatments for every cut, burn and scrape, every ache and pain, and of course beauty - which was drink lots of water, cleanse and smile.

With this foundation, a cosmetic chemistry education, and the knowledge built in the spa every day I set about developing formulas that would make my 50+ skin radiant and that my teenage daughters could pilfer from my bathroom.

Through learning by doing and a lot of failing, a collection of skin and body care products were born. My background in design and product development paired with starting my career assisting my mother building the first German aromatherapy company have been the building blocks in the evolution of our little local, global brand. I hope that you enjoy the textures, the scents, the packaging and most importantly the results.


I have been fascinated with healthful living and the healing arts since I can remember. My first professional experiences in the field began during the nascent period of the now ubiquitous natural products industry, selling organic foods, non-toxic body care products and nutritional supplements. This initial exposure prompted a lifelong craving for knowledge that has propelled me to garner thousands of hours of training in therapeutic bodywork modalities, a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbology, a 30-year holistic healthcare sole proprietorship and co-founding Resonance Marin holistic spa and Inbar + Co. sustainable products.


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