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we are INBAR+co

we are inbar+cosustainable packagingsustainable ingredientsage-positivityplanet-positive commitment

WE developed products in our lab that have been refined and tested by tens of thousands of our clients in our holistic day spa in Marin County, California. After five years this iterative process has resulted in highly effective formulations that respond to the needs of our spa clientele and now, YOU.


WE support the skin's ability to look its best. Celebrating your beauty because of age, not in spite of it, because beauty is a belief, a state of mind and the most beautiful people we know glow from the inside out.

WE formulate for everyone. Skin is not binary. The formulations and active ingredients are universally beneficial. There is no medical or scientific reason for products to be divided by gender.

WE package our products in 100% plastic-free + 100% infinitely recyclable materials.

WE create our products to support the body’s intelligent ability to adapt to environmental stress.


Growing up on three continents and in as many different cultures, traditions were important. Three generations of mothers before me had collected a plethora of go-to remedies; treatments for every cut, burn and scrape, every ache and pain, and of course beauty - which was drink lots of water, cleanse and smile.

With this foundation, a cosmetic chemistry education, and the knowledge built in the spa every day I set about developing formulas that would make my 50+ skin radiant and that my teenage daughters could pilfer from my bathroom.

Through learning by doing and a lot of failing, a collection of skin and body care products were born. My background in design and product development paired with starting my career assisting my mother building the first German aromatherapy company have been the building blocks in the evolution of our little local, global brand. I hope that you enjoy the textures, the scents, the packaging and most importantly the results.


Communications Director

a sustainability champion at heart, perfectly embodies our spirit. This passion, coupled with her background in sustainable entrepreneurship, has made her a champion for a greener future. Amely's experience in the real estate industry has honed her business acumen, allowing her to translate complex sustainability concepts into clear and impactful messages. Her design sensibilities and dedication to effective communication empower her to craft marketing strategies that resonate with a wide audience.

Amely finds inspiration in sharing the stories of the impactful changemakers we collaborate with. Her unwavering dedication fuels INBAR+Co.'s mission for a sustainable future.


Creative Director

the visionary architect of our visual identity, brings a captivating blend of artistic disciplines to the table. This Berlin-based art student isn't just a designer; she's a sculptor, photographer, and painter,wielding her artistic mastery to craft unforgettable brand experiences. Her meticulous attention and exploratory approach,drawing inspiration from diverse sources like street art and galleries, ensure our transcends skincare. Raphaela pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling, aiming to create an aesthetic as unique and thought-provoking as the brand itself.

Together, Raphaela and Amely are a powerhouse duo. Raphaela's artistic vision brings our ethos to life,crafting a captivating visual language. Amely then translates this vision into clear and meaningful communication, ensuring our message resonates with the audience. Their combined talents create a powerful brand experience that goes beyond skincare, promoting a vision of conscious luxury and sustainable impact.


Operations Director

Miriam's fascination with skincare began at a young age, a fascination that blossomed from a trip to the Drug Emporium at 13. This early spark ignited a lifelong exploration of products and their effects. Through acupuncture, Miriam discovered the powerful link between internal and external health, a connection that would redefine her understanding of skincare.

Now, with over a decade of experience as an acupuncturist, Miriam brings her unique perspective to INBAR's lab and production and operates magic behind our products from start to finish. She brings a holistic approach to everything from crafting formulas in the lab to meticulously packaging and shipping each order.Her expertise goes beyond the surface,ensuring our products address the root causes of skin concerns.


I have been fascinated with healthful living and the healing arts since I can remember. My first professional experiences in the field began during the nascent period of the now ubiquitous natural products industry, selling organic foods, non-toxic body care products and nutritional supplements. This initial exposure prompted a lifelong craving for knowledge that has propelled me to garner thousands of hours of training in therapeutic bodywork modalities, a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbology, a 30-year holistic healthcare sole proprietorship and co-founding Resonance Marin holistic spa and Inbar + Co. sustainable products.


WE formulate and manufacture every single product in Marin County, California. This is our home, we consider this place a co-founder and owe so much of our daily inspiration to it and to the people who live here. Just over the Golden Gate Bridge, the county of Marin is unlike any other. Known for its breathtaking natural landscape, surrounded by water, mountains and redwood trees. Synonymous with natural beauty, Marin attracts people who value sustainability, possibility, inclusion, scientific and technological progress and respect for nature.


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