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Gliding cups are part of every integrative massage at our spa.

Silicone Cups are an easy and safe way to give yourself and your family cupping treatments at home. Simply squeeze the cup to create as little or as much suction as you desire

Unlike with massage and other compressive therapies like trigger point therapy, cupping is a myofascial decompression technique that lifts, stretches and separates soft tissue. This promotes lymphatic flow, increases blood circulation, releases stuck tissues, and quickens healing.  


stiffness and sore muscles. Stiffness can commonly be caused by tight fascia, which is the “bodysuit” that covers your muscles and organs. Cupping is the fastest way to alleviate stiffness because it removes adhesions between the muscle and fascia and gives you more room to move in your body. Soreness from overuse or injury can also be helped by cupping because it improves circulation to the muscles, delivering oxygen and nutrition to support recovery and healing.


respiratory health. Restrictions in the fascia surrounding the upper back, lungs and diaphragm can decrease the ability to breathe deeply and effectively. If these restrictions become chronic due to lung conditions like asthma and COPD, the fascia will become even tighter and create a “vicious cycle” of ever decreasing breathing capacity. Cupping the upper back over the lungs will release the fascia and allow the lungs and diaphragm more room to expand for easier breathing.


joint mobility. Creaky, painful, stiff joints become worse over time due to insufficient circulation from lack of mobility. Cupping will bring blood and oxygen to the joint space, increasing collagen and synovial fluid production to lubricate and cushion all of the tissues around it.


muscle recovery. Muscle fibers experience micro-traumas after exertion and must heal to grow and remain functional. Cupping brings circulation and oxygen to the rescue while also allowing inflammatory fluids and waste products to leave the tissue. This promotes faster healing and recovery from sports-related soreness.

medical grade silicone and organic cotton pouch

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Use regularly for a protocol on your thighs, abdomen and bottocks to help with the appearnace of cellulite and stretchmarks.

Apply oil generously and squeeze cup and place on skin.

  • Using the cup on a light suction, start above the knee on the side of the thigh, and glide the cup in one long motion up to the buttock.
  • Pick up the cup and place it again above the knee on a light suction, and repeat the same motion up toward the buttock and groin, moving all around the
    circumference of the leg.
  • Repeat 3 times
  • Using Circular motions starting above the knee and moving toward the buttock and groin.
  • Repeat 3 times
  • Apply cup on to skin above the knee and working your way to the buttock release and apply like "kissing" motions
  • Repeat 3 times

repeat the whole sequence on the right leg.

Note: If experiencing any discomfort from cellulite tissue on the sensitive area inside the thigh, hold the skin taut to help reduce suction even further. If discomfort continues, discontinue use.
body oil

For absolutely amazing results, after you have finished the protocol use our bath mitt and exfoliate completely.

bath mitt


one of our most popular protocols at the spa a powerful treatment that stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps to remove toxins and waste products from the body. It also promotes blood circulation, nourishes the skin, relaxes the muscles and calms the mind.

Apply oil liberally and glide the cups, making sure the strokes move toward the heart.

  • From feet to calf,

  • from thigh to hip,

  • from bottom to top of the stomach,

  • On the arms and back, stroke moving toward the armpits, or axilla.

There are many lymph nodes located throughout the body, but the main hubs you’ll want to try to remember are in the head and neck, the axilla, the crook of your elbows, the groin, and behind the knees. Be sure to complete strokes in between these hubs, moving excess fluid and toxins toward the lymph nodes to be flushed out naturally by the body.

body oil

Apply our cooling relief gel to the entire neck (front and back). Using the smaller cup, perform gliding cupping over the entire neck area from bottom to top.


cooling relief gel

apply a layer of our thermal relief cream to the entire painful area and perform gliding cupping. Using the smaller cup, begin over the chin, sweep to the ear and finish by gliding down the neck to the collar bone.


thermal relief cream


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