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This is a skin-detox protocol. Sometimes your skin just needs a break from all the products, in order to regenerate the delicate microbiome, so we recommend using only the most essential and soothing products. Your skin needs a breather while still on the defense. 

At the interface with the air, skin is the target of several environmental stressors. A weakened skin barrier is less able to protect against pollution, UV rays, and withstanding pathogens. It is more prone to inflammatory conditions like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, acne and dermatitis.

Since your skin regenerates new cells in an approx. 4 week rhythm it is best to stick with this routine for a month.

It's well-known, thanks to the infamous hot towels used by barbers, that steam opens pores and softens hairs. There's no need to soak a towel in boiling water every morning; a sufficiently hot shower will do just fine.

Begin by massaging in our gentle cleanser in circular motions so that product reaches the base of the hair. This oil-based wonder helps prevent irritation and razor burn by creating a protective layer on your skin and is crafted with sunflower and grape seed and meadowfoam oils to improve razor glide. Simply wet the razor blade, turning the oil cleanser milky. Then rinse thoroughly or wipe away with damp wash cloth.

Apply pea size amount of hydrate serum gently on face and neck and massage with delicate taps to the skin.

Finish with the soothing recovery cream to calm any irritation


This gentle-yet-thorough spa cleanser delicately but effectively binds to dirt on the skin, removing it and dissolving even water-proof formulas without disrupting the skin barrier. Ensuring the skin doesn't feel raw or stripped but impossibly dewy and soft. This cleanser is well tolerated by even the most sensitive skin.

This luxurious cream dramatically replenishes compromised skin, restoring a healthy, balanced and glowing complexion. Containing high levels of arnica, licorice root and allantoin that relieve delicate skin together with 0.5% organic cbd.The skin has its own highly adaptive ECS that readily responds to topically applied CBD. This “cutaneous cannabinoid signaling” is the way in which CBD helps to maintain homeostasis in the skin, regulate inflammation and regenerate healthy barrier function.

This 100% mineral filter SPF was developed to stave off free radicals emitted by UV light and defend your complexion from the hazards of UVA and UVB rays,that are responsible for premature skin aging. Its soft formula mattifies without feeling sticky, leaves no white traces, and makes the skin more supple.

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If you use only one product - this is it.

gentle cleanser

It's perfect for soothing your skin.

recovery cream

THE basic essential, no matter the season.

Shield spf 30++


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