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A Badge of (sustainable) Honor on your Tubes - Oxidation on INBAR+co. Aluminum Tubes

At INBAR+co., we're all about sustainability. We love that our sleek aluminum tubes are planet-friendly, but there's a little quirk that comes with the territory - oxidation. Let's talk about the whisper of time on your INBAR+co. products.

Oxidation 101 - It's a natural process in which oxygen reacts with a metal, such as aluminum. It creates a thin oxide layer, that faint grey haze you might see on your threads. It's not harmful, not a sign of anything sinister, and it certainly doesn't affect the amazing performance of your INBAR+co. product. Think of it as a subtle patina, a whisper of time telling the story of your sustainable choices.

The Half-Wipe Solution - Well, if that whisper is a little too loud for your taste, here's a simple trick: a damp cloth (think half a wipe of toilet paper!) will gently buff away the oxide layer (on the threading and in the cap), restoring some of the original shine. But remember, the oxidation will return, and that's perfectly okay! It's a badge of honor for your sustainable engagement, a testament to your environmentally conscious choices.

The trade-off for green - Yes, a little oxidation may be a far cry from the shine of a brand-new tube, but consider the bigger picture. Plastic tubes, the traditional choice, take centuries to degrade, leaving a not-so-subtle mark on our planet. INBAR+co.'s aluminum tubes, on the other hand, are infinitely recyclable. A little whisper of oxidation seems like a fair price to pay for a healthier world.

We believe that beauty shouldn't come at the expense of the planet. That's why we use natural, effective ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. A little oxidation is just part of the story, a reminder that true beauty goes beyond the surface. So embrace the whisper of time on your INBAR+co. tubes and celebrate the sustainable choices you make every day.


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