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How we formulate. INBAR+co products are born out of a collaborative, iterative process that literally starts on the treatment tables, where we collect information from our clients at RESONANCE MARIN about the various conditions for which they are seeking relief. We respond by formulating and making products in our own lab that address these common concerns and then proceed to test and refine them through daily use with our clients. After five years of this process, we are really onto something.


Your age is not the problem… and no, you don’t have a skin “type”. In fact, YOU are not a problem to solve at all!

“Symptoms” are the way our body’s brilliant communication system asks for attention. If we learn to listen to these messages and respond with self-care and natural remedies, our body will use its sophisticated self-healing mechanisms to adapt to changes in its environment and attain equilibrium.

We call INBAR+co products ADAPTIFUL because they assist our body’s beautiful ability to adapt to the world around us.

Our gender-inclusive, skin type-free, anti-ageist formulations are made to treat conditions by helping your body find its own balance point. With treatment and time, your condition will change and your products should too. Layering and shifting products to meet your existing needs is an integral part of how we formulate so that they work together in different combinations for different needs.


Collaboration is the key to creating systems that effectively benefit all. CBD is a standout in the world of therapeutics but we do not use it as a “hero ingredient” in our formulas.

In classical traditional Chinese medicine ingredients are chosen to function in combination with each other. For a plant to have been included in the Chinese apothecary, each of its parts has to be identified for a different healing purpose. The philosophy of two or more ingredients that have synergistic effects and diminish any possible toxicity, in fact, we know that when complimentary ingredients are used together in just the right amounts, they enhance each other’s strengths and temper their potential for side-effects.


From the very first batch of Thermal Relief Cream we made in our spa in 2018 we complied with EU regulations, which ban over 1,300 ingredients. The US FDA only bans 11.

In our Lab we researched, developed and refined every formula and then found a local partner well versed in global cosmetics compliance to achieve the highest quality and performance for all of our products.

Since INBAR+co is also available in the EU our products are regularly tested and monitored for safe use.

Lastly in 2013 the EU prohibited the use of animal to test cosmetic products AND ingredients. And NO product may be sold in the EU that has been tested on animals, no matter where that testing took place.


Every single product is formulated and manufactured in Marin County, California. This is our home, we consider this place a co-founder and owe so much of our daily inspiration to it and to the people who live here. Just over the Golden Gate Bridge, the county of Marin is unlike any other. Known for its breathtaking natural landscape, surrounded by water, mountains and redwood trees. Synonymous with natural beauty, Marin attracts people who value sustainability, possibility, inclusion, scientific and technological progress and respect for nature.

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